Known Character Art - Pluck The Dragon

Reference Sheet (Front, Back, and Side view)


Eligecos artstyle


Nice art

Player Model Reference for Tower Unite, VRChat, Garry’s Mod.


  1. The three circle spots from the cheeks, shoulders, and knees are shown by the image. But the marking from the elbows are hidden.
  2. My character will have three fingers, not two fingers and a thumb.
  3. The orange dragon wings are badly position from my drawing practices.

Little drawing for the first week of June.

Appropriated size for Pluck the Dragon.

Maybe having an item next to him for reference would help communicate scale

Anything you want to scale this character?

Pluck the Dragon’s Player Model scale (whatHeight)

Small Update

I don’t have a payment method (like PayPal) to take commissions like a better reference model for my sona, player model for GMOD, Tower Unite, VRChat, etc. and even a fursuit.

Pluck the Dragon’s character’s versions & scale (whatHeight)

My concept for Pluck the Dragon in Party Animals was not well received by fans, even I did not played this game “fur” the first time on Steam.

Character’s official logo

Pre-July 2024 drawing of Pluck the Dragon (PlucktheDragon19)

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I’m excited for the post July 2024 arc of Pluck the Dragon!

Pluck the Dragon (re-edit dragon horns + details & expressions)

Male | Adult | 7’ 6"

Sweater mode

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Asexual flag (my choice)


Small Update

Just to let all of you guys know: I’m leaving artists in the Tower Unite forum to contribute my character, while I’m thinking for a new drawing. :thinking: :dragon:

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