Kill Volume Respawn Position

Now, I’m pretty sure kill volumes are already planned. One thing I wanted to suggest though is the ability to set the respawn position when you die from them. This is especially useful for something like my project, making a ballrace level in my condo.
(WIP screenshot)

I want to be able to kill the player if they fall off the platform, but instead of respawning at the map’s normal spawn point it’d put you at a specified coordinate.

Apologies if this is also already planned, just wanted to put it here in case it’s not as a suggestion.

This is a good suggestion but until it’s implemented I recommend using a stretched teleporter underneath that can achieve the same sort of thing. As a temporary solution it’s very useful.


alternative suggestion: checkpoints that change the players respawn points,
although for something like custom ball race levels i think being able to set the respawn position for the kill volume


Yeah, I’ve messed with that. It works, the only issue is that there’s no way of making it transparent so there’s just a big black hole type thing under you, destroys the theme I want my condo to be. I could probably hide it under a canvas, though. Will try that I guess