Kill the catscack (game)

In this game the premises is simple kill the catscack. You can kill it any way but it must not be inlogical for example killing it by reviving it. You can kill it using anything real or not. Keep it original and try not to reuse deaths. If you want to reply to someone please put it in a blur.

Gun shot to head.

I’ve pressed E and it vanished.




Hacking and deleting the Catsack, Then Get Banned for it

Horn Drill. One Hit KO.

Copious amounts of edge.


Radation posing @Jameegi please make it logical.

R.I.P. Catsack,

Death by being sold, inside of an assholes inventory, who needed more money for Spin to Win.

Mothers notes: “She was my little feline. Until she got catknapped, and sold by a shady black market dealer, sitting by some rocks, this dealer may look adorable as catnip, but you should never judge a book by its cover. She was sold to a man, dressed in all white, and boring clothes. The boring man then went to the casino, and was sold into thin air, so the boring man could “Spin to Win” a potato. Please, stop the men in white, I am not kittening, the Men in White are real, and they want to buy your kittens and kill them!!!

burn it. burn it with fire.


do it this way.


Heal, Trip, Trip, Shield, Attack, Shield, Shield, Trip, Attack, Trip, Trip, Trip, Magic, Shield, Attack, Trip, Trip, Shield, Trip, Attack. Catsack dies 0-70 hp.

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your catsack is now flat

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Pfft, that’s easy,
First, You turn this key, then You input this launch code and 1, 2, 3!

If the blast doesn’t kill it, the radiation will.

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Necromancy does not work on dead Catsacks, do you know what does work to kill a catsack?

Light that burns the sky.

How To Basic tearing it.