Khromidro and Catsacks! (

Finally, Khromidro is ready for you to enjoy! Khromidro is a new Ball Race map that features lots of twists, turns, boosts, and a TUbe.

On top that awesome new Ball Race map, we’ve finally made Catsacks openable! Catsacks contain mysterious items and awards. Be on the lookout for the elusive Silver and Golden Catsacks!

Changes/New Features

  • Added new Ball Race Map: Khromidro
  • Catsacks can now be opened!
  • Added new items to the Electronics Store: Vault Door, and Safe
  • Added new items to The Stray: Silver Catsack
  • Added new hidden items: Golden Catsack, Cosmic Catsack, Bag of Units, Pile of Units, Treasure Chest o’ Units, Always Lucky Slot Machine, Party Crab, Cool Crab, Eternally Frozen Crab, Eternally Burning Crab, Metal Melon, Boulder Friend, Potato Gun, and Flying Turtle
  • Items that are tagged as Not In Store/Special now sell at 100% value instead of 50%
  • Light items now have a light radius setting
  • Stair item now can have more steps (increased from 15 to 30 steps)
  • Disabled potion suffocation in Condos
  • You can now flip the Body Pillow…
  • Ball Race camera now collides with platforms, making it easier to see where you are going in certain circumstances
  • Ball Race - Memories: Increased speed of Level 1’s Rotating platforms, Improved post-level overview cameras, Reduced chance of going through the finish circle on the last Level without actually finishing, Increased boost speed on Level 8 to better guarantee players get over the loop into the finish circle and Added higher value melons to Level 2,3,4,5,7,9,11 and the bonus level
  • Updated item tags in preparation for Cooking and Fishing
  • Added item owner name and avatar to item tooltips (also made tooltips show up for non Condo hosts) so you can easily see who owns what item
  • Updated Confetti gun with new animations

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Inventory filters not working
  • Fixed potion suffocation when sitting down in a seat
  • Fixed stuttering when selling a lot of items

Lobby Fixes

  • Fixed Laser Tag arena not always loading in
  • Fixed Bowling ball ghost ball staying on lanes
  • Fixed an issue with Bowling and potions
  • Fixed ragdoll clone issues with Laser Tag

Casino Fixes

  • Fixed Poker bet slider
  • Fixed an issue where Spin To Win would sometimes lock up
  • Fixed an issue where Spin To Win would sometimes take years to give out an item

Ball Race Fixes

  • Improved Ball Race host having an advantage when starting a level

Little Crusaders Fixes

  • Fixed some reported camping spots on various Little Crusaders maps

Minigolf Fixes

  • Minigolf - Waterhole: Fixed minecart desync
  • Minigolf - Forest: Fixed platform desyncs

UI Fixes

  • Fixed Inventory filters not being alphabetical
  • Fixed a bug where some Inventory filters would not show on the dropdown
  • Improved performance of the Inventory UI

Condo/Item Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where clearing your Condo wouldn’t return items back into your Inventory backpack
  • Fixed light panels and acoustic foam panels not saving properly
  • Fixed non-colorable column in Highrise
  • Fixed Melon Pet collision issue
  • The Glowing Headphones should no longer collide with items
  • Fixed a Condo surface material being the wrong icon


You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can follow our daily logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.



Opening 7.5k Catsacks when servers comes up, Feel free to join


When it’s been 10 minutes and the servers are not up




Quick question. How do you get the hidden items? The catsacks I assume? If so, is the same true for the gold and cosmic catsacks? That would be a bit weird to get a catsack from a catsack

You get the hidden items from opening catsacks (silver and above, unless there’s a small chance with the normal catsacks), and you can get catsacks of the next tier from those of the previous tier (normal catsack -> silver catsack -> gold catsack -> cosmic catsack).

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Ah, cool. Thanks, Cat

I have to say, I love this update. I finally have more things to grind for.
That, and I love everything currency/token-based. The Unit items are like cocain to me.


I feel like I’ve played Khromidro before, or at least portions of it.

Was it a remake of a GMT ballrace map?


Yes. Khromidro is a remake of Khromidro.


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