Keyboard bind-able emotes


The title says it all, how about we get let’s say… about 10 bindings in the settings menu for emotes ?
Like i could show to my partner i agree in a faster way than clicking on the little emotes menu.

How about it ?


Absolutely. The current menu is alright, and the previewed updated menu looks even better, but for single loop emotes its hardly viable. If I do something like the golf swing, by the time the menu is out of the way and I’ve readjusted my camera the emote is over.

I can’t complain because I didn’t expect to get such a solid amount of emotes this early, but this improvement is a must! If I could bind emotes to my keyboard or mouse I would use them WAY more often.

Maybe this could be knocked out along with Bindable jump everyone is requesting for Bhopping at some point.


emote wheel that is bound to the G key maybe? rather than having to go through two layers of the C menu
because having to hold a key, hover over your choice and let go of it to do an emote is way better


Could be an alternative too, the emotes wheel like GMT.


Bind all movement keys to dab.


Bind all keys to dab.


No more feedback for this ?


If you mean developer feedback, we don’t always reply to the topics but we do read them. I can see this being a feature some day.


When i say feedback, it was “any” feedback from anyone, but okay, thanks for the info.
(Also, thanks for the 30 votes, people :smiley:)