Karen stole our kids and units

we’ve all joined TU and found we have 0 units. We entirely blame this on Karen, who not only took the units from us, but our kids as well, We need to unite against Karen and get our units back


haha i havent seen the 0 units issue yet

Lucky you, she only took the kids

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i haven’t seen it either
Edit: it might be to do with the fact that i haven’t really played TU

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Who is Karen?

She’s the person who stole our units and kids

(its a joke, just go with it, mkay?)

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Oh ok :wink:

let’s all (tower) unite against Karen!!! Stick it to the man!

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She took my chainsaw too!

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I saw you typing in global chat about that, i had the same issue with the flamethrower, it should come soon :thinking:

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Everyone in Global be like:


except instead of Denny, its Karen

Where tf are the kids Karen

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less tek heum 2 de pohlees

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petition to ban literally anyone who enters TU with “karen” in their username

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  • very yeah

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Oh hi Mark


The people at at Pixeltailgames have found Karen and forced her to give back the units. The whereabouts of the kids are unknown. She is being picked up in GMT purgatory. You can unlock your doors and rejoice under the lack of tyranny of Karen!