Karaoke + Song Workshop (with unit rewards!)

Hey everybody. This suggestion was sloppily written in my phone notes and posted on mobile so please excuse any formatting. Let me know what you think.

Karaoke would use voice chat, singing into it and trying to sing as close to the original as possible
There would be an in game key detector like the ones used for tuning guitars + detection for how long you’ve held the note

Unit rewards for hitting it on key + holding the note

I’d imagine there being some sort of stage for it and a karaoke macine to select songs + queue up at
Different song options including solo, duet, triplet, quartet & maybe even choir for maximum chaos (and funny livestream moments)

There could be a queue for getting on stage (could be multiple stages)
People waiting in queue can check out the plaza or choose to sit in the audience and participate

Audience can use a clap emote which triggers applause noise & can choose to sing along

If audience sings along they can earn small unit rewards & both the singer and the audience get a boost

Base songs can be Will originals like Kickstarter/Robots In The Sky & versions of songs in the public domain (Cotton Eye Joe)

Then for the most customisation there could be workshop editor support for custom songs

To make a workshop song you’d need an instrumental + lyrics to display on screen + optional backing vocal track; and I’m not sure how viable this is, but there could be a way to manually tune and set keys to trigger for singing (like sony vegas keyframes) which would be which key each part of the song is in and how long you hold it

Can select difficulty & whether it is a solo song, duet, triplet, quartet or choir song

There could be a song selection menu in the machine where you can choose base songs or workshop selections

Could have condo karaoke machine toy where you can jam to your heart’s content (no unit rewards)
Songs over a certain amount of time could only be available to play in condos

Could always have a voteskip option like the theater in the event someone tries to grief it somehow (Though might be used to just skip bad singers so would have to be a good balance)
There would be an easy option to report a song in case someone makes a song against Steam Community Guidelines

There could even be Milestones for songs covered, achievements for nailing a song, doing a song from every genre, etc.

I think it could be a good mix between a plaza activity and a social one. It could even help some more shy people with their stage fright, as weird as it sounds.

Anyway I probably missed something somewhere since I’m on mobile. Let me know what you think.

isn’t there going to be something like this in the club?

Great idea but with a few issue’s but yh

Ha ha yes YES YES


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The biggest problem I could see with something like this is mic latency.

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Could make it client side response

i think this could be done without using a mic but using buttons / holding buttons similarly to how you play the piano

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don’t you

forget about me…

i say



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it’s going to be ones of those threads then…

This would actually be really cool and is easily possible. There are many online karaoke websites that let you sing along online with your friends, latency isn’t an issue and it works really well. This would be so funny and cool to have this addition to tower unite


On top of the big tower next to the bar are 2 rooms (left and right of it) that could be used for this . I think it would be the perfect location.


Project 12 could definitely use some type of activity. I hope karaoke plus drinking in the plaza makes it in the future

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That would be great for the nightclub


Do I have news for you

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