Kamikaze fairground ride

Thank you
I had already Googled whether such a node existed and I could not find anything.

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I did it.

As you can see, the actual swing angle value (represented by the green graph), approaches the target value (red) smoothly, and corrects when necessary. Altering the swing angle now results in smooth and even unnoticable transitions in the swing movement, see 1:51.

You may call me mr. Mathemagician now.


The control HUD is coming together, combined with sound experiments. It sucks that Unreal is currently not able to split stereo audio into separate mono tracks, as I had to manually split the music track to two separate mono files. This, in order to spatialize the audio (hearing it from the direction it’s coming from). If Unreal could actually split tracks in-stream, it could come in handy with audio streams from external services, like SoundCloud or YouTube.

The shitty horn (0:55) is a placeholder.


I love the progress you’re making on this.
Only thing I’d suggest is have the ride legs either lengthened, or sat atop something with the area below the seats left empty, then add some form of raising floor.

As it stands I keep holding my breath as the seats get so close to the floor, ahah.

That has been on the checklist since day one :wink:
However, I will not be lengthening the legs. I will be making the lowering floor flush with the ground, so it would need a rectangular hole in the ground for the floor to fit right in. More or less like “it” at Morey’s Piers:

Okay, it’s not actually level with the ground, but you get my point.

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All in all. Dude you have some talent! Cant wait to see the next update

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Pardon me for taking a long break. I’m back at it, mainly with texturing, along with that lowering floor.


I have also posted some gamemode ideas in the OP:

Suggestions for more gamemodes are welcome!


The amount of work you’ve put into this is amazing.

@macdguy If possible, please consider officially adding this into the game.

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@macdguy It seems I cannot edit the OP anymore. Does the ability to edit a post happen to disappear over time?

I love the progress you’re making. :smile_cat:

Unreal allows me to do nifty things. This kind of nifty.

Don’t tell me this is not nifty.

It looks even better with reasonable lighting.


Wash lights that shift hue in response to bass, as well as giving it some proper nighttime love.

(Edit: I’ll tone down the hue shift to make it less strobe-ish)

Totally not inspired by the current GMT night club, completely original content ©



If you are able to make the lights smoother when flashing I think it would look better

Well I can’t wait to see it in-game owo

Instead of toning down the hue shift in the wash lights, I made the hue shift decay a little, so it won’t drop back to the previous color in a strobe-ish fashion. So that’s more pleasant to look at.
The gondolas now have lights on the bottom, and the cross is now fully textured and lit up!

As for the name, I think Kamikaze will do, unless anyone has a better suggestion for a name :smiley:


YAY! UPDATES!.. Get back to work boy

It’s so epic, though it deserve to do full 360° rotation :3

How about this for a logo?


I like the logo. It’s still boardwalk-y, it looks really shaky or spinny and the colors are colory. It’s a really good logo-y!

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The lights on the arm are nearing completion. The people on Discord really liked this little show I put up, so here it is again:

I am glad to have come really far this week. :blush: