Just wanted to say thanks


I want to thank the developers at PixelTail Games for their constant concern over their project and their community. I am grateful for the work they’ve put into making the experience in-game, on the forums, and on the Discord server absolutely wonderful. I’m very thankful for how far they’ve come, and I am excited and waiting patiently to see what they do next.

Furthermore, I’m grateful for the community that surrounds this game as well. Without them, there would be no one to share the experience with. They are found on the forums, on the Discord server, and in-game… and they keep the experience lively. It’s amazing to me that the community here is one of the more active communities that I’ve ever seen.

I’m still glad as ever to be a part of this community and to support this project patiently, thankfully, and with positive hopes for the future. Thank you all for the experience.


Good thing I met you Erickson.


For a second i thought you were gonna leave us because of how it’s worded.
So please do not leave us.


:blush:This is so cute:stuck_out_tongue:


I’m also very thankful to this dev team.

Seeing how they handled the situation with complaints that happened just a while ago just wow’d me. I’m a developer and I don’t think I could have even handled it that professionally. It’s hard to put yourself in the shoes of the people who work on such a huge project, but I find the daily updates really helps me to understand what they’re working on and I agree that sometimes I get frustrated when something is not done, it’s not their fault.

In game development, some things need to be worked on in a certain order because code / assets being created for one thing can spread to other features, such as hats working on both characters and golf balls, or shooting code from lazer tag being re-purposed for many of the other shooting events / mini-games.

I want so bad for the game to be done right now (as I’m sure they do too), but it’s just something you gotta wait on. For them to understand our frustration and being able to respond in such a polite manner (even to the trolls) is amazing and I commend them for being so open about what’s going on and being able to respond so quickly.

Once again, thank you guys for all of your hard work. :slight_smile: