Just some epic 3 monitor 1080p (ish) screenshots for you all ヽ(≧ω≦)ノ

Triple monitors are really great huh?

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Is playing on 3 monitors comfortable? For example in Counter Strike, do you see more than casual player?

no really, how do you run that?
god damn.

I don’t use it with CSGO it’s not good for that kind of thing.

GPU: GTX 750 Ti
CPU: AMD FX 4300
RAM: 12GB (yes, 12)
the rest doesn’t matter

3 screen mode puts me down to 30-40 FPS on high.

heh, i have 16gb of ram.

Ridiculous and unnecessary? Yes.

well, unnecessary unless you’re using chrome.

My server computer at work has 128Gb

Congratulations, your internet e-peen has just increased by 3 inches.

no comment…

please tell me you’re master race.
you have to be.

/u/GloriousToothless ;3

edit: uhhhh i mean uhhh /u/NukeClears hehehehheheheheheheheh

omg yes.

What the fuck? Lol.