Just let us fly on top of the tower already!

I’ve probably given a quick tour of plaza to at least a dozen different friends that I convinced to buy this game and the very first thing they try to do after getting a jet pack is fly to the top of the tower, only to be disappointed after bonking their head on the invisible ceiling. It just seems like the natural thing to do, yet we can’t. I don’t even care if there wouldn’t be anything to do up there.


I always wanted to be ontop of the tower. Please make this possible kthx


Alot of people actually wanted this back in lobby 2, and heard talk from the devs about an achievement related to it, but that was back in lobby 2.
Although ya being able to jump off the building while pressing the suicide key would be awesome.


Only if they put the pool up there


There was some sort of area planned for the top of the tower in Lobby 2, so if that’s still happening, you might be able to fly up there (given that the roof area’s actually at the top of the tower, not some separate location). I don’t think there’s a proper top though, so currently there wouldn’t be a point in being able to fly up there anyway.

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I definitely would like an area up there. GMT had it (if only in a very incomplete state, you could get up top there and walk around, and there was a bit of a teaser in the suite lobby as well) and I would love to see it completed and remastered. And yes, I think a pool is definitely a smart choice.


This is a great idea! Why can you go to the top of other buildings, but not the tower???

Because the world map is small when it comes to height?

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0/10 literally unplayable

I know that, but my arguement is is why can’t they just bring up the map height, it can’t be that hard…right? :yum:

As someone that’s been on top of the tower, I agree, everyone should be able to get up there, but they need to add a proper roof first. Right now, if you get on top of the tower, there’s nothing there, you’re essentially just standing on top of the sky box, inside 4 giant walls with no top.


So the top of the tower has no texture at the moment?
We need to fix that. There needs to be like, some kind of hangout park thing or something. Kinda like what Mac planned to add ontop of the tower back in the 2007 GMT.

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What is the point?

Doing a death defying jump head first into the ground, pulling out of said fall in the last second with a jetpack?

If achievements are added to the game, there could be one to jump from the top of the tower, like they had in lobby 1 of Gmod Tower.


I don’t know much about the implications of raising the skybox and adding a roof to the Tower, but from my perspective I’d say that the positives outweigh the negatives.

In fact, a few suggestions have already been made regarding the roof of the Tower. I do want the roof to be accessable by both jetpack and through an extra path through the Tower, sort of like Lobby One. The roof could have all sorts of air conditioning units and stuff to make it feel more realistic (and maybe something fun like the pool mentioned above).


I think it would be kind of cool eventually, I always loved that there were little secret areas you could find in lobby 1, and missed them in 2

Perhaps they could bring back the old water slides in some form? I always thought the slides and pool area were kind of cool


This would be amazing if you could ride the water slides from the top of the Tower and get launched into the ocean with your velocity. This isn’t possible in real life because of how dangerous this is, but it is possible in a videogame.

Aside from that idea, normal water slides into the pool would be appreciated as well. Perhaps a pool on the top of the tower could be one of those Infinity pools, as well.

Here’s an image of an infinity pool:

Now just imagine a water slide leading from that to the ocean.


I don’t know if anyone else feels the same way, but I’m a tad sick of pools. Two in the condo, the one in lobby 1 felt empty, no one ever used it. The one in lobby 2 was the same, it was never used (from what I saw) The only time people used it was when they were following someone around or they were just a big group. The pools feel empty and have no real use to them.