Just how customizable are the condos?

What can we do? Such as:

  • Decide light locations
  • Place windows where-ever
  • Customize skybox
  • Modify wall textures

Even if these are not available, will we be able to
circumvent this with Steam Workshop mods?

I believe the plan is to do that eventually. I think that’s all going to be after Early Access due to the complexity. But you’ll be allowed to place your own walls, windows, wallpaper, stuff like that. The system will be really really well done, after early access.

I don’t know about the skybox.

As Caboose stated it won’t be worked on for some time, but I believe the original idea for it was to make it like building a house in the Sims. In one of the early streams they even showed this off in a very early stage. It is subject to change though, so I wouldn’t expect it to be in the final game.

light locations is already in the alpha right? you can place down lamps, or isn’t that what you mean…

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I think it would be a good idea if players started out in a smaller, lower end apartment than the one in lobby2/alpha. Since tower is no longer limited by the source engine there is no need to stick with one tier of housing. This would also give players the opportunity to save up for a major purchase. The current condo is already pretty large and players would already have to be pretty wealthy to completely fill it with stuff. Starting out with a smaller place would encourage the player to upgrade when it gets too cramped, this would take a while with the current condo.

There could also be location where players can sell/auction their properties and perhaps even the items inside of them.

If Tower Unite ships with the condo already in alpha it would not be reasonable to take it away from players if new lower end housing is implemented in the future so this would have to happen before launch.