Jrap's back in town

Hey, I’m Jonothan, I’ve been playing Tower since 2012, and this is me:

My hobbies are Drinking, Condo Decoration, Virus, jamming sick ukulele beats, and chatting up a storm. I’m 18 now but back when i was a 15 yr old brat I used to write Mac Guy, Private Eye on the forums and I made a pretty hot Gmod Tower Papercraft. You can hear Macklin Guy reading my old detective stories here, and you can get about my tumblr here.

See ya around I guess.


Awesome to see a gmtower veteran :smiley: (p.s. your stories are awesome, just listened to them :blush:)

Welcome, Jrap! I’ve also been playing GMTower since 2012, I see not many people of these remained active within the community.

YO! Thanks for coming to the new forums! (I’m 98plus on the GMTower boards, by the way.) I hope you enjoy your stay! :smiley:

DUDE I need that papercraft! The link is broken though :sob:

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oh my god not only is that link broken it leads to a random different person’s blog who’s apparently very ‘opinionated’, I’m on it

UPDATE: I don’t have that papercraft file anywhere (it was a hell of a long time ago) If anyone has a built one its possible to disassemble and scan it but I think what this means is me making an updated one sometime soon.


That papercraft is awesome!


I have been a member of GMod Tower for a few years myself, I’ve had constant name changes but my new name will stay as Skye and I did take a huge break, Now that I found out about Tower Unite I am hyped up!, it’s gonna be aweseome :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S Also 18 and i started playing at young age myself xD

What’s your steam name? I’d love to add you! :smile:

You can actually click on his (and anyone’s) profile picture and visit their profile to find out their steam community page!

P.S. Cookies, your steam community link was copy pasted twice for some reason lol