Job/Quest NPC

Hey there! Today I will be bringing you my new idea, that I think could massively improve Tower Unite. First of all, I think that Tower Unite is lacking a quick and simple way of earning Units. Basically, the only ways of earning units are through games or selling items. But, I have an idea that could soon change that…

A job/quest NPC. This NPC would have the soul purpose to always be there with a challenge that could earn you Units. I’ve been thinking that it could give you jobs such as, “I lost my pet turtle near the boardwalk, could you find it for me for 200 Units?”, then she/he/dog/cat/it would guide you towards wherever she/he/dog/cat/it requested, where you can then complete the task. I think that this would be the best way to approach implementing jobs into Tower. But, only implement jobs if they are fun, and not boring.

Also, there could be a weekly system, where the challenges pop up weekly. For example, there could be 25 tasks a week, and if you complete them all, you get an extra 1000 units. The quests should get more challenging the more you complete, so 25 should be near impossible. I think this NPC should be located near the Tower Unite logo. It will be able to walk around, but not too far away from here starting location. If the NPC is not there, then that means she/he/dog/cat/it is busy with another player. That would add another element of challenge into it.

There could be another aspect of this as well. The NPC could act of like a tour guide for the Plaza for players with no prior knowledge about this game.

Anyway, that’s it. If you have any suggestions, constructive criticism, or just criticism, please feel free to comment. Thanks!

This has been suggested many times on the forums. Please use the search functionality.


My idea is different though. I suggest that you give it a good read

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Yeah,but this is an npc,not just a thing.

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It’s still the same thiiiiiing

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For once, this isn’t really the same thing, though. This is more of an RPG-style quest system. I hate all of those other jobs posts but this actually seems pretty cool. And it’s actually not unusual for virtual world games to have quests. PlayStation Home and I believe Second Life both did it. The quests in PS Home were pretty fun. I actually like the idea of this kind of quest implementation.


It’s not the same thing though. This is a guide to show off the plaza and to give the players some guidance in the beginning instead of just plopping them in the middle of something that can be extremely overwhelming to some people. It’s offering a few easier steps into Tower Unite so you can get to know everything that it has to offer.