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Suppose you accidentally overheard top secret information being passed between two undercover agents. Then, after some arbitrary amount of time, you are mistaken as one of the aforementioned undercover agents by another undercover agent and are asked about the top secret information which you accidentally overheard. What do you do?

You stand still until the next presidential election and run for president, and win by blackmailing the other candidates with that info, than you are now in a higher position than the agent and you don’t have to answer him.

You’re walking out late at night past midnight like any sane person would and come across a briefcase facing a dark alley. Impulse takes over you and tear it open and within are rows of chocolate coins totalling exactly 2,018. What do you do with this newfound wealth?

carry 10 with you a day and give them to people that you see doing good deeds!

why do i always find myself at an inconvenience?

You have a bad attitude towards life.

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i dont exactly think thats what i meant but you are pretty much right, thanks

eating sugar?

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no papa

i wasnt asking you.

Who is Harald 3 March and why is he a god?

C6H12O6 Is kryptonite to Jinkos, So no I am not eating sugar.

He is a god and he is a god because he has more than one nose.

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I will not answer this question, because it is mean/ inappropriate

What is the integral of X^2 dX?

\int \frac{1}{x^2}dx

do you drink soy

No I do not

What does “Jiogle” mean? Is it your new game show?