Jetpack-Specific Slot on the Hotbar

This suggestion’s a little specific, but I feel that there should be a jetpack specific slot on the Hotbar. While the Wearables section of the Hotbar isn’t as space-limited as the main section, I think reserving a spot for the Jetpack independent of either section could allow for more ease of use and possible one new ability.

The Jetpack slot would appear on the Hotbar no matter which section you currently had open. Seeing as Jetpacks are an integral part of mobility (being the first purchase of nearly every Player and almost a required part of navigating the Plaza). Given the variety of Jetpacks, it would benefit from having its own specific slot.

But that’s not all, the Jetpack Slot opens the door for one new feature: Quick-Disabling. When building in the Condo, it’s a bit tedious to open your Wearables Hotbar and then pull the Jetpack off to test an area without it… only to slap it back in. Adding the ability to just click to disable it would speed that process up (especially since it would be visible in both Hotbars).

Now obviously this isn’t a life-saving feature, but it’d be a nice Quality-of-Life addition to help round out the Hotbar along with other smaller suggestions (I’m sure others have repeated these) like Hotkeys 9 + 0 and making Vehicles activate only when equipping their slot.