Jetpack skins?

You know when i played Gmod Tower i loved the jetpack, but the blue and white color with orange flames wasn’t really my favourite and didn’t work with the colors with my outfit. So is there any of skins or color changes planned for jetpack. Maybe when workshop gets going we could make some skins. Just a suggestion. I know Tower Unite isn’t even in early access so its not required… maybe planned for later. :smiley:

I am not sure about that, but it is possible that the jetpack will have areas on the model that will be colorable. Skins sound good too though.

I would like to at least color it, and maybe color the beams it shoots.

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With condo items and attire all being colorable I can see this easily being implemented. :new_moon_with_face:

I kinda like the idea. There could be different patterns or textures you could apply. Or, maybe even change the trail.

Honestly, this could be a thing for a lot of items, not just the jetpack. Leopard printed modern couch anyone?


Of course. Maybe some items could have the option to give it a different texture instead of a color, like a sofa or rug.

Homemade Jet Pack:
Two Soft Drink 2 Litre Bottles Duct Taped Together, pointing downwards.
because Physics

Sorry for nerco’ing an old thread, but I was recently thinking about this as well.

It really would be nice if there was different looks for the jetpack.
Lots of styles that could be made, from rocket centric retro, clunky modern, and all the way to sleek futuristic