Jeopardy Suggestion

Hey guys, :grinning:

I think an idea of jeopardy would be cool. Like, all these game modes Jeopardy would be good.
Like picking certain subjects around gaming and you would have to answer.
You guys would come up with a bunch of questions that pop up on a screen and we have a certain time limit to guess them.
This idea popped into my so I’d thought I’d share it.

EDIT: there is already one rip

They’ve already got a trivia game in the works, but it won’t be a game world in the same way that Ball Race or Minigolf are. In fact, Mac is setting up a free trivia database that anyone will be able to add questions to. I’m not sure when the trivia game is scheduled to be added, though; it’ll probably be after Early Access releases.

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Oh Ok,

Yeah I just saw that haha.

My bad.