Jackpot issue

I recently won the jackpot and lost all my money, i need help recovering the funds, i went down to what i was initially at which was 100k from what i won which was 12 million. please help!

I’ll look over your account.

Thank you very much!

Proof he got the jackpot:


holy shit, thats one big jackpot

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Seriously though, that’s a metric ton of units. Hope this gets resolved for you soon.

The same thing appears to have happened to the most recent winner of a WoM jackpot:
This may be a bug with the shared jackpot system.


Wheel… of NOTHING!!!


It may be a visual bug, I’m looking into it.

i don’t think it is because when i try to buy something it says i have insufficient funds, also when i go to the tower express site it says i have the same amount as in game :frowning:

I’m looking into it, it’s taking me a bit because I’ve had to setup my laptop for the time being for work because my main computer’s CPU shorted out.

Well, I see that you did in fact purchase Resort which is 450,000 units and Underwater which is 400,000 units.

Yeah when i won the jackpot the first thing i did was go to the realtor and buy new condos and as soon as i bought those my money went from 13 million to 100k and i was so confused. since then it says i have insufficient funds and on the tower express site i have 60k right now.

Damn that sucks, that happened to me a few months ago and i built a whole new pc, i hope that gets sorted out for you asap. Also thank you for taking your time to look into this issue for me <3 love your game btw

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I’ve applied the jackpot to your account.


Thank you very much, i’ll check it out when i get home and follow up and confirm when i check :slight_smile:

This is a follow up and yes everything is there and working, thank you so much for the help everyone and especially macdguy!


Just spent hours tryn to get the JP and some guy solo wins it, I thought it was supposed to be shared? Or is it we just feed the JP and one guy wins it? Not to mention he was afk most of the time, tried to chat but he was silent.

The new jackpot is about everyone fighting for it, when someone hits the jackpot, That person that got it gets all the credits put into it

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Thanks for the clarification.