Jackpot hoax

while I was playing wheel of money the wheel clearly landed in the jackpot, yet the prize it gave me was 200 credits instead of the 300k+ credits shown as the jackpot this is extremely discouraging and I’m questioning the integrity of the game at this point


This was caused by a desync on your end.

The server determines what you land on, and the spinner spins and lands on what the server picked.

In this instance, the server picked the 200 credit selection, but because of how the wheel correction works, it looks like it didn’t correct itself.


It’s even more rigged than we thought.
Even when you win, you lose.


That’s really disheartening.

what i find disheartening is all they tell you is “to bad it desynced you got what you got” even though on the user’s end it’s clearly a jackpot


Looks like a bug to me. If the client doesn’t reliably show the end result, you might as well just display raw accurate server data.

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A server to client desync is something that can always happen due to a multitude of reasons, especially if there is an animation that needs to be played to give the player instant feedback. Things like server lag, floating point errors, animation delays, etc can always cause this type of issues. :pensive:

There’s probably not really a ‘right way’ to correct a ‘bug’ like this. I believe the only proper way to fix this would be to have the wheel jump straight to the server’s value the player got without rotating or anything, however the immersion would be immediately ruined with it.

Not much can be done in relation to the issue that happened I think. It’s something that is bound to happen in computing even with the most perfected system, on one way or another, and I don’t really think its worth losing all the faith in the game or disheartening over.


Aka just displaying raw accurate server data?

The question here is if it’s more important to have casino games look like they are actually working according to the laws of physics or to have the player see the correct values of the games they’re playing, basically: Looks versus Functionality. I’d argue the latter to be more important. If the player realizes the opposite was the case, the immersion is ruined anyways by knowing the wheel movements accuracy is not guaranteed. (“questioning the integrity of the game at this point”)

TL;DR: Just make sure the client ALWAYS corrects in time based on server data, otherwise the immersion dies.

ive always known the slots work in this way as its the same for the spin to win wheel. your prize is determined and put in your inventory about a second after you spin. knowing how rigged they are never ruined immersion for me because just like real life, slots are rigged and don’t always play by the rules.