I've stayed up all night making this image, what do you all think of it?

and no I don’t really care that I didn’t put a watermark on here somewhere

I know it’s nothing amazing and that it’s not super detailed, but it is something I figured I’d share here. I’ve been thinking about making more images myself, so any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

If anyone cares to know, this is the sort of setting that I personally like the best to be in. It’s quiet and peaceful, and most importantly it is away from other people. Unfortunately there’s a road right there, so that’s a constant reminder of the real world and the responsibilities that come with being a part of it.


nice happy little trees!


I like it! Don’t stop making art. In a few years you could be a master! You just need to keep at it and have an open mind.

Bob Ross approves of this painting


better than anything i could do, i prefer using a 3d canvas (vr)

Hey, the stars are definitely my favorite. if you were doing it on paper I’d recommend scraping your fingernail against chalk and moving it around on top of a black canvas. Gives a cool star effect, looks nice along side a crescent moon or something. (I recently did it and realized it looked actually okay.)

Anywhoo, I lean more towards writing art, so that looks good in my opinion. (though I’m no critic.)

:slight_smile: keep it up, the worst thing you can do now is stop :wink: