It's Tower Unite's 2nd Anniversary!

Tower Unite was released on April 8th 2016, making today the 2nd Anniversary of Tower Unite!
Let’s all say Happy 2nd Birthday TU to commentate this special day for TU.

Enjoy a simple comic made in a hour that I wish I had more time to work on.


Happy Birthday TU! I got my Otamatone yesterday. Let’s celebrate with a tune.


Plasma!!! Welcome back, dude!!!

Happy birthday Tower!

Happy birthday!!

Ham Birdy, Tower Unite.

Maybe next year, we can celebrate by having a finished game.

That’s sarcasm please don’t ban me :C

Oh my goodness, time flies!

Hell, what a journey it’s been so far. I can’t even believe today’s the second anniversary… I myself have changed a lot during these two years (sorry to anyone I needlessly attacked or angered!) and yet I’ve been growing more and more fond of this game. Man, I hope it will manage to get really popular. I hope it will live up to everyone’s expectations.
I just fear it won’t. And that if it will, it’ll be replaced by a different, perhaps even better game.


Happy Birthday everyone!

I can’t believe they didn’t make a party.

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Tower! I hope you continue to bring us all joy :3