Its Time

Guys… Its, TIME. Who is ready for alpha? I am. It seems the hype train is almost to the station!

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Did you get the email yet?

No, but Ill check

I’ve been raping my refresh button and still no email.

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Hold on, some one just said it will start in 30 minutes… Good thing I have been looking for my key for 30 minutes now, now I can waste Another 30 minutes to find it FASTER!

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Where did you hear this?

I heard that they’ll post a steam group update when the alpha will go live.

Its confirmed from Twitter that the keys are being made. Its officially time.


I don’t see a twitter post confirming that. Pic please.

Wasn’t on twitter. Was a comment they made on indiegogo.


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Oops, ment to say Indiegogo. I was on Twitter at the time. :persevere:

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When shall it be here? :anguished: and :tired_face:

“They’ll be out shortly”… It’s been an hour! Aghh! I bet the main servers will be all filled the instant the keys come out.

For me, shortly may mean midnight which equals to tomorrow. :worried:

2 hours. :unamused: May have to wait till tomorrow.

They should let us download the alpha first before the keys are sent…

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Can’t wait much more! :dizzy_face:

If it’s through Steam (Which everyone on IndieGoGo is saying it is, not sure where they got this info from though)
they can’t really allow people to download it until they have the keys.