Its marki, baybee

you know who am i boys

founder of the tower unite event group

guy who gave away 2 free copies of tower unite

dude who needs suggestions for tower unite events

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I don’t remember you but welcome to the forums!


hi also i dont

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Welcome to the forums!

i don’t remember you.

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I’m with everyone else. No idea who you are but welcome to the forums anyway.


Welcome to the forums marki, I know you :sunglasses:

i dont know you
im a gamer and you must be too
this is gonna be a good gamer time



Welcome to the chaos

Good job, must be a dedicated man

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I bought both my friend and girl friend a copy of the game lol. Am I dedicated too? :joy:

YES!! good job friend!

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Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!

I’m afraid I’ve never heard of the Tower Unite Event Group, sorry…

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yeah, i totally know you!

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what can i say im a well known dude on tower unite

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