Item Transfer

I have seen this post like 40 times but i just want to clarify. Every single item in my inventory on gmt is getting remodeled and thrown into Tower Unite and I will have whatever i had in gmt?

I believe, and this information may be out of date, that it will attempt to transfer over items you own on GMT to their Tower Unite equivalent. If that item doesn’t exist in Tower Unite, you would receive the appropriate unit (Tower Unite Currency) value for what that item was rated for.

thanks and do my items in gmt need to be in a specific spot like the vault? or can i have them in my house. where does my stuff have to be so i can guarantee i get it back?

That I do not know, and you’ll probably need @macdguy or @Zak or another Pixeltail developer to answer that.

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Doesn’t matter if they are in your condo or in your vault, we’ll find them.

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We have been warned. Never forget this day.


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