Item Suggestions Megathread


Maybe a scrolling digital textscreen like those ones you find in train stations.


Placeable light beams. Would have a beam set as every shape. You could set the color, size length and shape. Kinda like what you see on the house street lights at night.


condo mini games such as air hockey, billiards, go fish (other card games), board games and hide and seek where everyone is tiny (as to make it possible to play in the suite condo)


We got water cubes on the way but we need water cylinders too.


Googly eyes accessory. Please.


FX media players! Have the ability to make a cube that would act as a media player but have no visible model, so you can make radios and stuff work. Also a media panel that would be flat screen that you could use to make holograms or make workshop TVs work.


I second this,

In VR Chat there’s a cube in the Void Nightclub that plays music and spins around with a cool design.

I think it’d be a nice addition.


i reckon all the music stuff will come with the void nightclub


Air-horn : plays generic airhorn noise

Boat-horn: Plays a lower pitched, farther blasting boat horn noise


an item that can initiate a pvp duel of some sort with another player wherever you are, like a slingshot or something


colorable wood lattice pannels. Criss cross wood planks in a square wood frame. Sounds simple, but it would be AMAZING for making gardens and anything out-doors.


Water FX! Steam/mist one falling one rising, water fountain, and tide decals, like the ones on the beaches around the resort.


Square teleporter panels with an editable width for the border.


this is already a thing that’s happening


Is this thread for Workshop Suggestions? Cuz there’s some items i would love to see added, but they don’t really belong here if it’s just for items that should be basegame


nah just actual ingame items that want to be added to TU
i think there is a thread for workshop items


Assuming you’re talking about items being made for Workshop by other users and not suggestions on how to make the Workshop tools better, then you’re looking for this:




Some Set of Sci-Fi Atompunk






Might be good Emotes reference

Name: Daddy Cool

Name: Soup Troll

Name: Iron Head

Name: Pump Up The Volume

Name: Rubber Legs ( a mix between rubber leg dance and the windmill of elvis could be a good emote)