Item Suggestions Megathread


Some ideas:

Snake Plushie
Don’t touch it, I think it’s poisonous.

Bat Plushie
Not for baseball.

Mini Fridge
A tiny fridge, perfect for putting next to desks.

Alligator Plushie
A life-size alligator that doesn’t bite.

Brain in a Jar


More ideas:

Space Bubble Helmet

All the people on this tower are truly one.

Samurai Kabuto

To defeat one’s enemies.

Hip-Hop Time

You know what time it is? Yeah Boy!!

Censor Shades


Not safe for you.

Tower Unite Shako

Do they even accept refined in this place?

Ghostly Karakasa

Ah, look! It’s sticking out it’s tongue at you!

Regular Equippable Umbrella

You can stand under my umbrella-ella-ella

Hat and mask ideas

equippable umbrellas are planned


Ha ha yes


Hedgehog Plushie


The ability to make water cubes look like they’re flowing in a direction.


Make it so the raft item can angle its self, instead of keeping perfectly level all the time.


Frosted glass. Glass but it distorts and blurs what’s on the other side. Perfect for tantalizing showers, cold things, and so much more.

Added idea:
would also be nice to have several textures. Frosted, wavy, and that glass block wall style you see in old diners, like this.


Catsack plush toy


i would like 100 of those.


Catsack Experiment

ayy lmao


Wood pannels. Would have the same shapes as the wood pannels we have, but would be smooth and have the textures from the wooden items in the game


Beer cases. You could buy a box of beer, either cans or bottles and every time you hit e on it you pick up a beverage and hold it. You can either drop it or drink it. Would make things more social in a way.


Yes! basically the beer in Rec Room, i play that game and can sure you that this is a good suggestion


An item that lets you loop videos/music in desired areas
e.g if i wanted to play crazy frog axel f to anyone who enters the sky in my default condo


would love to see curtains, colorable and have different bodygroups

the windows needs some style aswell…


Even More ideas:

Elementary Schoolbag

Uhh… Present Teacher.

Public Telephone Backpack

Ringing with enthusiasm.

The battery is included on you.

Mining Helmet
Mining bitcoins.

Sure it’s heavy.

Radio Operator
We need Catsack reinforcements.

Bum Bag

Walking in the 80s.

Defragmenting Hat

Something is happening to the Matrix…

Hat and mask ideas

Drink Can Multipacks, 2L Drinks, Canvas Drink Bottles, Canvas drink Cans.


I need a sticky hand arcade prize.