Item Purchasing Question

In Gmod Tower if i buy an item lets say its a player model of something that you can’t put in Tower Unite because of copyright. The model costs 10,000 gmc but there is a 50% sale so i get it for 5,000 would the gmc to units conversion give me the sale amount back to my account or the actual price of the model. Because if not i would just buy a bunch of stuff during a sale so i get more units in tower unite.

Actually, I’m not sure. I think it’d be fair if you were compensated in the sale price, to stop people hoarding sale items now.

Does GMT remember if you bought items during a sale or not? If it does, then I’d say go with what Sapphire’s suggesting. Otherwise there’s not much that can be done to prevent exploitation.

I think I remember @macdguy mentioning a database for transaction logs, posted on someone’s topic for reverting a messed up condo. Not entirely certain, though. I’ll look around for it.

Can’t find anything, ignore me I’m spouting nonsense again. :scream_cat:

If the actual playermodel has no instance in the game, even if it were on sale, it would transfer with similar value in the new game. Unless there is a very long and detailed log of all purchases in GMod Tower, I find it very unlikely that you will get the money you spent instead of the worth.

Way to sum up the already stated. :smiley_cat:

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Was I late to the starting gun?