Item Modelling Contests

This all started from the absolute lack of normal beds in Tower Unite’s catalog. You have the Bed and the Racecar Bed. Technically the Futon Sofa if you want to count that as a bed. Then you have a bunch of gimmick/holiday beds. Casket, Cheap Bunkbeds, Coffin, Frankenstein Bed, Heart Bed, Hospital Ward Bed, Pumpkin Bed- That’s what you’ve got.

I just want to have a normal looking bed that a normal adult would sleep in that looks better than the simple Bed item.

Then I had a thought. What if the devs held contests? They choose a theme/category of item, perhaps chosen by the community so we can decide what needs more items (for example: Bathroom Clutter like soaps and towels)
And then the contest starts. People model and submit condo items of the required category (Inspiration allowed but you can’t just rip a model from another game and submit that).
Devs set a time limit, and at the end either the devs or the community votes on which items look the best, and the top however many the devs decide will get added to the game. Models are already there, they just need to do any coding or writing descriptions (possibly with help from the people who made the item)

With this, the community gets more non-workshop items to work with, and the devs don’t have to worry about modelling the items themselves. Maybe I’m forgetting a few things, and perhaps this isn’t as easy of an idea as I think I do, but It could be worth considering!

Workshop items can be annoying to have to load if you have a lot of them in your condo, so please don’t say “Just use workshop items” in the replies.