Item I used in my condo might have been removed

I had a workshop item in my condo before but now it won’t load it just is a workshop block and I’m afraid it got removed but how can I know? if it is removed is there no way to get it back?

I have had this issue in the past, if the workshop item block looks a bit off almost smaller/lower quality looking then i think it has been removed from the workshop.

I had crash issues on an old condo of mine when that happened as well whenever i tried interacting with it (moving it, editing it etc), imo its best to try and just stash it (by right clicking>stash, NOT dragging down to your inventory) then replace the workshop object and search for it again (hopefully it got reuploaded).

yeah it’s delisted big rip, I should start uploading unlisted versions of stuff I have in my condo (if that even is allowed and possible)