Issue with Units Going away

So I’m in my condo just chilling and every once in a while i get this thing on the top right of my screen that says -500 units, So now i have 600 left. Is this a known bug because i don’t feel like playing minigames if I’m just going to lose it all again.

This started after i went to casino when it was kind of glitched and got a bunch of free spins on the prize wheel.

I do not know if its updating just now or what I’m so confused.

did you buy something on tower express? the units counter doesn’t update when you buy things, and only visually deducts units when you get XP, giving the illusion that your money is just being taken for no reason

Yes that is what happend, I was like soooo confused, and i Pessed “ETC” and it was normal again. Sorry for makeing a thread i should of looked. i was just scared. :confused:

Mods/Admins/Devs/Leaders feel free to lock.

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