Issue About the Underwater Condo

I don’t have any issues with the glass being round on the outside. But i can’t place any building items properly on the inside. Make the walls in the rooms perpendicular to each other, please. Or any solution to this problem that i cannot think of right now.
p.s. : I have googled “how to sell condo in tower unite” before writing this.

Ignore me if im the only one having problems with this feature. But this really annoys me.

I think the devs had this

[quote=“Caboose700, post:2, topic:10093, full:true”]
There are plans to add a complete 3D Gizmo for item movement in the future.
Which would help with the walls
Just not sure when this can be added.


Phew. Ok thanks.:sweat_smile:


In the meantime, try purchasing two copies of an item, placing one down and using the copycat tool to place the other. That’ll allow you to set the thing down at a very precise angle.

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I’ll try. Also i saw someone mentioning “placing a couch to curve items.” how does that work?

I’m not sure. The Curved Couch comes to mind, but I have no idea how you’d use it without placing the second item sideways.
Also, this guide might help.

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