Island secrets: What you would like to find in the islands

With the islands coming, a lot of possibilities for secrets, hidden things, and not so secret things open up.

What types of things do you want to find on the islands?

I have two to put forth myself (and I’ll try to add other ideas from replies up here)

  • A rusty old lobby 1 teleporter that brings you to a decaying, overgrown lobby 1 where you can explore the remnants of the tower including some custom built suites (maybe have a contest for the designs) the lobby area including the pool, and maybe the game ports room (non functioning) You get something for finding the lobby in the form of a condo decoration. You also unlock an exclusive condo layout built in the design of the lobby 1 suite.

  • In a hard to get to small cave deep in one of the islands through a small entrance, a small section of the Black Mesa facility (or similarly designed facility) that rewards you for finding it with something such as a red crowbar on a display stand for your condo.


Islands that you can explore immediately reminded me of the old “Tom Sawyer Island” At Disneyland/World, It’d be cool to see stuff like little caves, or forts that you could explore


something that makes me a hero


A dead skeleton with a white charcoal next to him and on the wall a drawing of the physics gun.
The achievement : “Calling Back” (Discover your past)
And an exclusive Outfit saying “Remember remember the 2006th December.”


What about implementing geocaching? Geocaching is a ‘sport’ where people go out and hide “geocaches” for others to find. Your only clues to finding them are a set of coordinates and sometimes a note written from the original hider of the geocache. Once found, they may come with a message, sometimes a prize (that you trade for with another object of equal value), and a logbook so you can see who’s found it.
Since the players are hiding the geocaches, it makes them more interesting to find, because they could be hidden in any secret or open area place and are always going to be in unique places. This would be an awesome ongoing minigame to play in tower unite, especially with the island(s) we’re getting.


I think this would be something that could work well with the metal detectors

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Holy shit that lobby 1 idea would be amazing.

How about the item being a faded out Lobby 1 plate that you got when lobby 2 was introduced?

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But it would just be a volley ball with a smile on it because copyright.

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Is a volleyball with a red handprint even copyrighted? I know that the brand is but I wasn’t sure if the appearance was

Lobby 1 is just fuck yes please.

Also a spooky rainy forest in which something unknown in the forest is following you would be good.


I often see ideas about reconstructing the whole lobby and while I’m not aginst it, I just don’t understand ONE thing.

Why ?

It seems like putting way too much work into something which will be barelly useful or noticable.
Back during development of Portal 2, there was a secret where you were able to see the moon trough the ceiling inside a testchamber. Shooting a portal at said moon sucked you out into space and Exile Vilified played in the background.

It was scrapped because everyone generally ignored it and those who did not have not gotten anything useful from it.

Somehow I feel like importing the entire first lobby would be too much work for too little payoff.


People tend to request Lobby 1 remakes mainly due to nostalgia of Lobby 1 (That includes me). A lot of us miss the first Lobby, we’ve had many great moments and memories that we’d wish to experience again.

And the point of Islands is to ‘Explore’. It’s not meant to be some form of Easter Egg. It is intended to be explore (Unless they make it a secret on purpose) that’s why it’d be something actually worth making.

Another reason is also rewards of searching and exploring islands and areas. Say if there is an Abandoned Lobby 1 players can be rewarded some form of shrine when searching certain areas in Lobby 1 (Such as the Dev. Room or something)

Hope that helped you understand why people are obsessed with Lobby 1 and it’s purpose of being included.

It would be not only just for the memories, but it would also be to see what happened after everybody left. It’s also just to explore

From the standpoint of only having things with a use, no, its not going to fit with that idea. It was never supposed to. Content can always add something to a game even without a unique purpose. Though if it counts I did recommend you earn something for discovering it in a decoration and a suite layout for your condo, so you can live in the original again.

That portal moon thing for example, should have been left in as an Easter egg. For the person who decided “I’m gonna shoot a portal at the moon Even though nothing will happen” I’m sure they’d get a laugh out of the actual result. The person who didn’t think about the moon being seeable the first time might also take advantage the second play through.

You don’t even have to have something following you, maybe just some scripted jump scares when u reach certain points in the forest. :smiley:

I say there should be a stereotypical tiny deserted island, but instead if having a tropical tree in the centre, there should be a decrepit old elevator slightly buried in the sand that when you go in and press a button sends you on a cool elevator journey (doesn’t have to be that many floors) just like Elevator Source, and finishes with you coming back on the island.

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On any island, it would be nice to have a walking path somewhere that takes you to the highest point on the island. The path could even have branches that lead to other parts of the island.

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Yeah but random jumpscares are always kinda cheap.
Hearing something follow you here and there until it’s like right behind you and you can feel the damn thing breathing on you would be a lot more of a scary build up. You’d probably want to leave, not caring about the items on the island.

With the Oculus Audio SDK currently implemented that is actually possible to hear it coming from above and behind you.

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