Island Hole 11 is trash

The moving platform collisions and platform lag makes this hole unplayable. It needs to be replaced with a functional hole as soon as possible!

Welcome to the forums, there is nothing wrong with hole 11 I think you just experienced desync common issue try making a single player game if the issue still remains then there may be something wrong with your game (hole works for me tested right now)


While playing this in singleplayer I also noticed that if you come to a stop on the moving platforms you are unable to putt to save yourself. However OP’s issue is probably lag- these things could probably get away with being clientside if possible though.

Not being able to shoot on them is intensional

Not being able to shoot on them is intentional, but it also doesn’t make it any less infuriating to watch your ball slowly inch closer to its death for like 10 seconds before being able to putt again

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Then it’s a bad intention.

I think not tbh nobody complained on other maps and it’s probably easier to code since on moving objects it can still count as movement and the ball has to be stopped to shoot