Is volunteer work for appearance item offsets being considered?

During the last stream, mac said that focus on character customization is pretty much on the bottom of the priority list. which I understand, gameplay is way more important then character customization, which made me want to make this thread even more.

In GMTower there was a special editor granted to certain individuals. I was one of them, pretty much whenever I logged onto gmt I’d put on a podcast, and edit, fix and perfect hat offsets just for the fun of it. Which was great because I (along with many others) took a lot of work off the devs hands. And now I’m curious if such a thing “might” come back? Like the devs said they’re incredibly busy and I’d gladly fix all of the offsets myself, and I’m sure there are others that’d like to volunteer.

I mean, I’m sure there’s a lot of people who will getting annoyed by minor things like this:

But at the same time it’s so minor the devs should be focusing on more important things.


I would absolutely love to see something like this come up, but I’m unsure of how they would find trusted people to fix things without making more work for themselves :o

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There’s one right above you.
@CrazyMikeComics Surely a PM would answer your question in no time.
Being a bit of a perfectionist myself, I’ve also noticed some of these misalignments in gear. :mag_right:

I realize that, but it just seems like it’d be a bit of work to get them verified and such. But hey, I’m all for the idea if it can go over well c:

There is no hat editor in our current game. There are basic offsets, but nothing as advanced as GMT had.

That’s the only reason it’s not perfect. I can do all the offsets, I just need to come up with a better system to do them per player, per hat.


We’re on a new forum, so don’t start continuing the same mistake you’ve done on the last by getting countless threads locked because you want to start petty drama.

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I won’t respond from this point on, but for the record, you did make the topic.

That he did, offering to voluntarily help with a minor issue whilst the developers are busy.
What’s your point here?