Is this an exploit in virus?

So i joined a Virus match where people were farming money. What they did was have 4 cooperative people. If you get infected, you don’t infect anyone, if you are non infected, you can kill infected or not, up to you. But point being this gave non infected 300 money each round atleast and up to 500 if they actually compete for kills. They suggested me joining them but i backed away being scared this is an exploit. Is it or is it okay to do it? I have seen nothing on the forums so far claiming either way.

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It’s not necessarily an exploit, more as you stating, simply ‘farming for money’.
There wouldn’t be a general way to fix this without changing the game mechanics for virus as a whole I guess.

The best way to farm money is that each people let someone be last survivor then switch the roll in circle XP obviously, but it’s not really an exploit, it’s more likely “not playing the game the way it should”

Not a xploit. Just lazy peopole

So you’re saying this isn’t against the rules, like you wont loose your money for this?

I don’t think this is a problem.
Soon gamemodes won’t be paying you units for hosting it yourself or one of your friends (I think). You would need to join it from a lobby.

I will make a huge difference

I hope that’s not the case, me and my friends find it easier to join from the menu

You will still be able to play, but I don’t think you’re going to receive units.
I’m not sure tho