Is there anything else I'll be missing out on since I was banned from GMT

Will I be missing out on anything else? I don’t want to be caught by surprise like I was with the unit transfer.

There will be legacy items for GMT players. I don’t know if a transfer is a requirement but I hope you can still receive your items.

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you’re missing out my death


Like Zennoe said, there will be legacy items for GMT players. Aside from that, no. You’ll have everything that the GMT players got. And even then, if you backed TU you will still get the GMT backer items. So you aren’t missing much at all. The lobby 1 statue looks pretty sexy though.


i had a little breakdown
but i decided to ignore it

I’m still wondering, do you have to meet any specific requirements in order to get those? I know I played for less than 9 hours, does that matter?

It says Legacy items for GMT players and nothing else. So far there shouldn’t be any requirements aside from that.