Is there any kind of "non-backer" speed shoes?

It a bit weird seeing how a basic “quality of life” feature is locked behind a backer payment thing.
Is there anyway to get the run feature through normal play?

Now don’t get me wrong I got the game on day one, I was just unaware of the kickstarter being held and am feeling dumb I locked myself out of being able to run :expressionless:

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I think they said at some point that they’re going to add some sort of speed shoes to be purchasable in-game, but won’t be as fast as the backer Speed Shoes.

No clue when they’re going to do it though.


Honestly, I hope they do it soon. I find the backer shoes to be quite convenient in traversing the plaza, and it really should be a luxury available to everyone. In fact, I’d think having purchasable shoes as fast as the backer shoes would be fine; just remove the fancy trail, and the backers still get a cool cosmetic while nobody feels left out.


If I remember correctly, I believe they said that they weren’t gonna make them available to everyone because it wouldn’t be fair to back, but in all seriousness, I’m a backer and I know I wouldn’t care if they were made available to everyone. I backed to support the game, not for shoes. lol


Unfortunately one can assume that a lot of backers only backed just to get the extra stuff, and not with assisting the game primarily in mind. This has always been the case with donations in Garry’s Mod communities.
Although as a non-backer I wouldn’t want the backer speed shoes to suddenly be made available to everyone (that would cause a huge uproar), there needs to be a publicly available alternative. They are doing that for sure, Mac once said in a stream that there are going to be other items that make you fast, just not as fast as the speed shoes.


Holding shift automatically equips the non-backer speed shoes



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