Is there any available information about SDNL?

Is there any information regarding the development of or how they are planning out SDNL?

Back in the Gmod Tower Days PVP Battle was my favorite gamemode, playing shard, meadows, and frostbite was so much fun and as a huge fan of the gamemode and the genre of fast paced first person shooters I was wondering how close to PVP Battle in features and weapons Slaughter Day Night Live will be.

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There isn’t much, that’s for sure. They showed off an in-progress map on stream once and some early effects way back, but I don’t think they’ve done a lot of planning on the game itself yet (that will probably come when SDNL moves into active development). I think they want to move away from some of the things PVP Battle did and want to move closer to arena shooters like Jaykin’ Bacon. I believe I heard something about weapon spawns and pickups as opposed to loadouts, but you can at least be certain that it will retain the fast-paced free-for-all hardcore deathmatch action that PVP Battle gave.


One thing we’re currently mulling over that is different from PVP Battle is the powerups. Instead of powerups being a change to your person (ie. invincibility) we came up with the idea of Super Weapons. These are weapons themed per each map and are massively powerful weapons that have very limited ammo.


If we don’t get a giant flamethrower for Gasoline I’m going to be dissapointed


So, like how Doom 2016’s multiplayer has different overpowered weapons that spawn periodically and announced on each level?

Gasoline is for Zombie Massacre.

Aaaaah. I misread the title and my brain assumed “SDNL” stands for Zombie massacre… for some reason. Thanks

Lol. Wow. Great job. =)

Ah so like modern Doom MP, that sounds like it could be fun as hell if done properly.