Is there a way to resize chat?

in game the chat is too small for me, i cant read it too well and most times the chat is too small for me to notice events and such. I am hoping i could make it bigger, also is there a way to put a solid background on the chat when playing normaly, like the one when typing on chat ingame?

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In the settings menu you can actually resize your GUI which means you will get a larger unit counter, chat box, text chat and so on.

If that doesn’t solve it you might have to go into your config files and modify them a tiny bit.

damn i already had it at max, i guess i will move my monitor closer to me so i can see the screen better, lying in bed playing games on the computer is comfy as hell but i guess being a meter away from your monitor is not good for chat and games…

Then your only option is to alter your config files and set the graphical user interface value to something larger than what it currently is.

Can’t remember which exact folder the file you need is in but it’s either in
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\Tower Unite\CantRememberRestOfTheFilePath

One of the files there should have a graphics setting section that will allow you to change your GUI size by changing the number in the line of code that says how large the interface must be

You could set windows to find the specific file for you in the two folders by making it do an advanced search for the files contents and then search for “graphics”

The path for the file you need to modify is %localappdata%\Tower\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Game.ini
The setting that needs to be changed is Graphics.UIScale