Is there a Tenth Trick-or-Treater?

I’ve been playing on Plaza to try and get made Ghoul Coin bucks… but I’ve noticed that only Nine Halloween Visitors have ever spawned from last night to now. Am I just getting extremely unlucky with the spawns, or are there only nine Visitors (despite the quest saying 10)?

I’ve met:

  • Reggie the Cowskull
  • Charles the Pumpkin
  • Rachael the Wraith
  • Spooksby the Ghost
  • King Arthritis
  • Luceyefer
  • Gabreyeal
  • Barney the Banana
  • Dire Chad the Spider

I’ve met all of these besides Chad, and I have 9 befriended, so there’s definitely another character but I can’t remember what it was right now

Edit: it’s the brain

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Had a feeling it was a brain. Seems like it’s just been my bad luck as per usual lol.

I’m also look for the 10th Halloween creature as well.