Is the wowazela price drop just a rumor or a real thing happening

i don’t want me or newcomers to the game coming in and hearing the wowazela wanting it for themselves only to find out it would take about 24 hours of arcade games “if you cheese it during a X2 ticket weekend at least” to get it, it’s a pain. Souls were lifted when i heard a bunch of people happily spreading news or rumors of the wowazela price drop in plaza. no price was said but everyone seemed to be excited. so i just want to confirm if this is true or not i can’t find the source so i thought just to ask it directly sorry for taking your time from your busy schedule. ~otaku

I don’t think I’ve heard anything about a price decrease from the devs so I’d have to guess it’s probably just a rumor

There’s no price drop coming from what anyone’s heard.
The Halloween Wowozela is there for you now and the consequences are already taking place on the servers.

There’s no planned price change for Wowozela.