Is Steam Up?

Hey guys.

So, I was reading this thread:

And I came up with an idea for how to deal with this issue.

Every five minutes or so, the webserver should check if Steam is online. If Steam is not online, the website should display a banner or something on the front page that says: “Steam is offline! If you are missing units, please be patient; You will get your units back as soon as Steam is back online.” or something similar.

Or perhaps, instead of something on the website, maybe something in the game every time you join a server? A chat message, or a message you have to click OK on, etc.



This might be something that could possibly be done in game as well, I like the idea

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It does check if Steam is up in the game, but this isn’t when Steam is down. This is when Steam’s inventory backend is down.

Is there not a way to check if Steam’s inventory backend is down?

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but it’s very common for the unit system to go down, more than the inventory system

I wouldn’t be so sure about that.