Is my status still VIP in Tower Unite?

I am a big fan of GMT,So I donated to help GMT and now I am Doner/VIP. My question is am I still VIP in Tower Unite or do I start as normal player?

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The VIP status will not transfer to Tower Unite I don’t think. Though you will get a legacy donor tag, 5,000 units (the game currency), some exclusive condo layouts that won’t be available to purchase in the game and some exclusive items.

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Like JamesDaGames said, no, but maybe they’ll have a little list of names for all the VIPs. VIP a automatically get 5k Units which is pretty cool! Donating for VIP helped this project form!

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OK,that sounds fair enough.Thanks!

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No problem, glad I could help :smiley:

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You guys all answered before I could even read the message.

I love this community.


Guess you’ve made an auto-community that can handle itself without a founder, eh?

Mac better watch out then. We might sacrifice him any second to our God… Rob!