Is My god the snail plushy gonna have a special sound when squeezed

I want to know the godly sound of my snaily boi plush so i can sing along to it before i go to bed, can the people hear it a little bit early?

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its gonna be a long fart noise or some shit


The Question is, what would a snail sound like when squeezed?

probably like this “OHhh you fucking bugger, dont do that you almost cracked my fucking shell”



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‘‘theyre basically silent, but occasionally make sort of slimy bubbly noises when alarmed and retracting into their shells, and grating noises as they eat… Snails do not make noises when moving from place to place. … Snails have tiny structures similar to teeth on a tongue that looks like a ribbon.’’

I’m all for the snaily boi, but your obsession with him is getting a little crazy jinko


the sound of a man getting stabbed


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NOO HE IS OUR GOD! body unclear is this a comple sentence, alexa play despacito

Ackchually snaily boi is my dad

did you mean akshelly?

Lol when even @Drrabbit is saying the Snaily obsession is getting out of hand, you know it’s gotta be true :stuck_out_tongue:

if i punch a snail irl will it meow???

inb4 this is revealed to be foreshadowing and we get a snail-themed catsack instead of the snail itself :thinking:

Didn’t you know? Meow backwards is Snail

i just read snail backwards, oh crap a snail is going to claw someones eyes out