Is Local Chat a Thing?

So as I mentioned in a couple places on the forums already, I keep both global chat and voice chat disabled for reasons that many of you seem to agree with lol. However, today I experimented with opening my Condo to the public for a short time, and I realized that I couldn’t actually interact with any of the three or four people who showed up during that window, which made me feel a bit like a fish out of water as a host.

I looked through the controls and gameplay settings, and I didn’t see anything about a local chat feature; however, I have seen it mentioned in my Google searches for such a feature. Has local chat been implemented yet? If so, can I access it without turning global chat back on? If so-so, how?

Thanks in advance!

if you open chat by pressing ‘Y’ you will be able to select different chats. The second tab being local chat

Hmm…when I press “Y,” nothing happens. Could this be because I disabled global chat? And if so, would switching to local chat after re-enabling that setting keep the global chat silent in my game client?

You would need to enable global chat again. If you select the local tab, it will stay in that chat. If it doesn’t then you can just select it again

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Alright, I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the help!

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