Is it too late to contribute to OpenTDB?

And is there an official guide/rule to question contribution?

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It is not too late to contribute. We haven’t been approving questions as of late (due to being busy) and will be resuming it soon.


Sounds good but there seems to be thousands of pending questions. Mind creating a user-verify system?

We’re iffy on a user-verfied system because we want to make sure all the questions are accurate and grammatically correct.


Is there an official guide or rule for making questions? Or we just follow the “common practice” from the trivia question we get?

Sorry for asking a lot of questions, but I could not find information about these stuff.

Maybe you could have a board of trusted community creators to vet questions while the team works on more important tasks?


Since OpenTDB is not some kind of megathread that will be closed once there’s enough content, designed to grow in size (see: Too many questions about single games incident solution) and API open to others on its own bloody website, it looks to me like:

  • It will never be too late to contribute.
  • A user based verification system would have been started to become necessary eventually.
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It’s OpenTDB, Not ClosedTDB