Is it still possible to port GMT Data to Tower Unite in 2021?

I found out that this game ended up getting made later than I should’ve and I would like to try to port some of the things that are transferable between games.
I will take any responses.

I believe it’s still possible, there should be an option to transer your GMT profile ingame. It’ll convert your inventory to Units and give you trophies based on your achievements in GMT.

The option is currently buried in the Settings:

Game/HUD -> Misc -> Show Advanced Settings. Just click the Transfer button and it should bring you to the proper place.

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you can, i think you need to hit a minimum amount of gmc though, also im not sure if it will work atm since the website to do it has work being done on it atm, but once its working you will be able to trafer the total cost of the items and your gmc all into units (basically it be the amount of all your items if they were sold plus you on hand gmc will just be given to you in the form of units and no items)

The problem I am having is the site not loading.

The site is currently down, and it’s planned to be moved to a new host soon. when that happens you’ll be able to do the transfer again

i believe it’s only based on data from before gmt reunion though
aka your data at the time GMT shut down initially