Is Gmod kartz coming to Towers Unite?

I REALLY want Gmod-karts to come sooner to Towers Unite, I LOVED that gamemode in the original Gmod Tower, and from the Trello post, I dont see the game coming out. I would wait till 2018 for this gamemode to come out, I just wanna know if its certain that its gonna come out on towers unite for sure.

You mean source karts? It’s going to be remade as a game mode called Accelerate! It’ll most likely be the gamemode worked on after Little Crusaders (which is basically UCH), if the polls are anything to go by.


YUS! so im gonna expect the gamemode to come out early 2017? if not, then im gonna be sad on the interior… XD

No, but Little Crusaders will. I’d expect Accelerate to be out by the end of the year.

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I’m sure Accelerate will come out sooner than the end of the year. I’d estimate before summer hits, at least (unless they decide to make another gameworld before Accelerate, which is highly unlikely).

Sorry I had to. Tower Unite* xD Towers Unite? (Not making fun of you)