Is console support a possibility for the games future?


Look, I understand at the current moment in time Pixeltail do not have the resources to invest in a project like this, that being said I think Tower Unite + something like a Nintendo switch would be a match mate in HEAVEN. So does anybody know if, this game generates some revenue would there be a possibility of a console port?


I wouldn’t bet on it. I assume that porting a game takes a fair amount of work, and I’d imagine that this is doubly so considering how important Steam Workshop is to giving this game its all-important feel. That’s not to say it’s an impossibility, but at the moment I don’t think there are any plans to do so.


Thank you for your response.


I know a ton of the backend stuff uses Steam’s systems. I don’t think it would be possible.


On their Trello they do have Linux and MacOS support planned (waaaaaaaay in the future though) but beyond that, console releases likely aren’t even a glint in their eye. It’s a cool idea, but I imagine it’s not even remotely on their radar, and probably won’t be until the game is even complete for PC, again assuming it’s even possible as others have said.


It’s quite difficult. We’d not only need to port it - which is very expensive and labor intensive (I’d estimate around 100k per port), but we’d also have to disconnect ourselves from Steam backend technology. Which means reworking the foundation of a lot of our core systems.

So while we’d love to - we definitely don’t have the money or resources to, which is why we can’t confirm anything at this time.


Thanks mac for the reply, keep up the good work.


Get yourselves a publisher. ConcernedApe had the same problem with Stardew Valley and so, he partnered with Chucklefish and they made the console ports for him.


I’m sure PixelTail has thought about that. It’s definitely not a bad idea, especially where marketing is concerned. My only fear is that it could potentially pose problems with regards to rights ownership and the overall independence of PixelTail. Of course, I’m no expert; that’s just the impression I’ve got.


We’d like to remain independent.


Fair enough.


Yeah, I mean what if a publisher comes along and puts in shivers



The contract would look like this:

  1. We do not talk about microtransactions.
  2. We do not talk about microtransactions!
  3. Someone plans adding microtransactions, writes code for it, makes up prices, the contract is broken.
  4. You only make a port for us.